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New fanarts, HYD, FMA, KH II, SK, DN, and Misc.

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Jul. 16th, 2007 | 04:33 am
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posted by: ceruleansan in caffeine_icons

f a n a r t

17 Fanarts
04 FullMetal Alchemist fanart(s)
06 Hana Yori Dango fanart(s)
01 Death Note fanart(s)
01 Kingdom Hearts II fanart(s)
02 Shaman King Fanart(s)
04 Misc. fanart(s)


Okaaaaay, I'm alive and kicking! And back with many fanarts! Whoot!

Yes yes, I realize I've been dead forever. I'm trying to be more active.

Anyhow, I doodle and draw on just about everything, so I have 8457574 moar pics... but I doubt I'll ever post most... sigh...

If Only - This was something for two very good friends that have moved far away. one on the other side of town; and one on the other side of the World. Basically, it's just the three of us in this pic. Me, kaiamara, and kanoe_crimson.

She Loves It - For diva_pixie, a much belated (but compensated for) gift. Waha, features the main pair from her aweome fictionpress story Discontented.

Random Original + FMA Doodles - Exactly as the title says. Doodles of FullMetal Alchemist characters and my own orignal (NOT FMA OCs, but actual original characters) characters.

Nafi Zaara Maaliha - The lead female in a series I plan to make someday. Setin an alternate version of ancient Arab-- idea given by my friend Curry. Still vouching for a new last name for her.

Ed Wants The paopu Fruit - Fullmetal Alchemist fanart with some Kingdom Hearts reference in it. Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell ♥.

Rose + Winry - This was a birthday gift for t3h_toby_chan. Rose is not my favorite character, but this pair is so adorable! And despite me not liking Rose very much-- I LOVE to draw her. Strange, isn't it? Haha.

Rose Is Not Resting - Rose again. This was drawn on a whim, srsly. No, I don't like her, but she's very pretty, and very fun to draw. Plus I like her cleavage =P.

Future Domyouji Family - Just as the title says. This idea came from an rp with thatdamnedgirl. Domyouji wanted ten kids, and Tsukushi was all "GDHFDDHGSD are you TRYING to break my hips?!" Another one for diva_pixie

There's 8/10 kids there. And yes, I do know how to count; you just don't know how to pay attention to details.

Lets Add this Moment Too - Er, might be a leeetle mature-- not too much though. just a shirtless Tsukasa and a suggestive position. Domyouji Tsukasa and Makino Tsukushi, were looking at pictures... till Tsukasa decided their album needed just one more picture.

Another one for diva_pixie.

Domyouji is NOT Romeo - Because he's too pretty and cocky. He'd rather be the pampered Juliet while Tsukushi climbs the balcony *nodnod*. Yet another one for diva_pixie

Domyouji's Hearty Bedtime Story - This would probably be Domyouji's favorite bed time time, and he'd make Makino Tsukushi read it too.

Quick Domyouji and Tsukushi - A rather quick CG doodle of Domyouji and Tsukushi.

Phailed Domyouji Expression - Domyouji and Tsukushi based on their J-Drama actors: Matsumoto Jun and Inoue mao. However, I screwed up Domyouji's expression X__x;;.

L + Misa Comic - For justaminuet, a birthday gift. xD I'm not really into Death Note, too dry for me, but this pair is so amusing.

Axel + Roxas - For dolphinluv_07, Because this awesome IRL friend of mine loves this pair, and I felt like it.

Ren + Pirika - An incredibly late gift for white_ookami... *dodges bricks*.

Anyhow, there's two drawings of them in there :D. Siigh, I'm getting a RenPirika relapse... you have to update your RenPiri fic dammit, white_ookami! <3

Kissed - A RePirika pic I drew a loooong time ago, and never did get to show white_ookami. This is based of a scene from her awesome RenPirika fic, so I guess this counts as for her too, haha.

... Yes, those are a lot of fanarts, huh?

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from: ceruleansan
date: Jul. 18th, 2007 11:55 am (UTC)
i will

xD No probs, and I have moaar.

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